Social Media Campaign – Get 20% Off the rental fee!

*Not applicable for the following dates:
Aug 1st ~ Aug 31th (Only New Chitose)
Dec 21st ~ Jan 6th & Feb 10th ~ Feb 25th (Narita & New Chitose)

Pick a social media of your choice from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

and upload a review along with photos from your samurai rental car trip! (must include a picture of you in or in front of a car),

don’t forget to show your post with a hashtag #samuraicarrent to the clerk when returning your car to our shop.

How to sign up for a campaign

  1. When placing a reservation, under Other Requests, add that you’d like to participate in a social media campaign.
  2. You will have to pay the full price once, as soon as the payment is completed, we will review your reservation and refund 20% back to your card and send you the update.