How to Use

How to Use


Reservations are accepted up to 24 hours before the day of use.
We may not be able to make reservations on the day.
Thank you for your understanding.

We will reply to your email within 48 hours when you apply for a reservation, so please understand.



Reserve the car of your choice through our website or by phone



Complete your reservation by paying through one of the available options



Upon arrival at the airport, SAMURAI will pick you up and take you to the shop.



Complete some paperwork and start your journey!




Return the car to our shop or to another place of return we agreed on



We will check the car and let you know if any payments are due *payment on spot



SAMURAI will see you off to the aiport in our shuttle bus



We will be looking forward to having you back next time you visit!

We accept both cash and credit cards

Seeing that the payments are charged in advance, excess amounts will be returned and insufficient amounts will be due at the time of car return.
As regarding long-term rental contract payments, we offer a variety of options. For more details, please send us an inquiry or consult with us directly at the time of arrival.

Tire puncture repair fees shall be paid by a customer. No need to refuel the gas tank upon vehicle return.

Please call the reservation center if you’d like to reschedule or cancel your reservation.
SAMURAI RENTAL CAR reservation center TEL.81-476-33195 [Reception time Mon-Sat : 9:00~19:00]
The following cancellation fees may apply.

7 days prior to rental date 3 days to 1 day prior On the day Max. deducted amount
Free 50% of the basic rate 100% of the basic rate 100,000 yen (excluding tax)

The insurances below apply to all the automobiles, the charges are included in the rental price.

In case of an accident, the compensation within the following limits will be provided. However, the damages that were caused by the following shall be borne by the customer: In the case of where the accident proof can not be obtained by police. Accidents that fall into the disclaimer of insurance company and accidents that violate Samurai Rental Car lending agreement.

Compensation type Limit Details
Personal Reparation Unlimited Including 30 million yen self-liability insurance
Automobile Property Damage Liability Up to 10 million yen 1 accident limit, Deductible
Passenger accident and indemnity Up to 10 million yen per person 1 accident limit
Vehicle Vehicle’s current value Deductible

*Any accident which occured under any of the following circumstances will be excluded from the insurance:
If you did not wear a seat belt while driving
Failure to report to the police from the scene of the accident (If the police accident proof can not be acquired)
If you settle out-of-court with the other side
Failure to contact the shop from the scene of the accident
If you caused the accident during the unauthorised extended renting time
In case the actual accident did not go the way the driver and the sub driver of the contract describe it
Driving under the alcoholic influence
Driving without a license
Vehicle damage caused by theft
If passenger number exceeds the car’s capacity
If the car was driven off-road such as in riverbeds, forests or coasts.

If an accident occurs during car renting period, you will be charged the following fees as part of our sales loss compensation, regardless of the extent and repair period of the damaged vehicle. Sales loss compensation is not the same as the deductibles from the insurance compensation plan, which is used in the case of a road accident.

If you can return vehicle to the shop(W1,W2,W4,V3class is 50,000yen)
If it is impossible to return vehicle to the shop(W1,W2,W4,V3class is 100,000yen)

If you can return vehicle to the shop If it is impossible to return vehicle to the shop
W1,W2,W4,V3class: 50,000yen
W1,W2,W4,V3class: 100,000yen

* In case if the car cannot be returned, transportation expenses such as towing fee (of our company’s designated service) are to be paid by the customer.
* Tire puncture and burst, loss of wheel cap, damage of the antenna, damage of in-house equipment are to be paid by the customer.

Notices regarding ETC card Rental
1. During the rental of ETC card all the fees must be covered by the carrier, that includes card usage by third parties.
2. The fees are calculated automatically with the use of IC chip when passing through tollgates. The fees in case of closed-for-traffic roads will not be charged through ETC card.
3. If you have lost your ETC card or it was stolen, please make sure to contact us as soon as possible. (Any fees recorded on the card from the next day after you contact us will no longer be your responsibility.)
4. In case of ETC card loss, theft or damage we will need you to pay JPY3,000 for repair or reissue.
5. If in case of loss, theft or damage, the customer fails to clearly explain what happened, JPY10,000 will be deducted from the deposit money.
6. There is a possibility we will contact you or disclose some personal information such as your name, address and phone number upon request from highway operators (even after you have returned your vehicle).
7. If the customer is late to return the vehicle with no prior notice, we will cancel the ETC card associated with the vehicle. We kindly ask for your understanding.
8. Samurai Rental Car is not responsible for any problem associated with ETC systems, if you are having troubles with your cards, please contact the highway operator directly.

*JPY10,000 deposit is required for ETC card rental.
*Highway toll fees and charges associated with loss or damage of card are to be paid by the customer.

Hokkaido Expressway Pass – Unlimited usage for a fixed price!

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Please let SAMURAI know 3 days in advance if you’d like to reserve it.

*Hokkaido only, no extension available.