We stayed for three days near Mt. Fuji and Kawaguchiko and the view was both breathtaking and relaxing. Delicious food and abundant wildlife surrounded Lake Kawaguchiko and Mt. Fuji.

It was a comfortable ride to Mt. Fuji!

This traditional dish famous in Yamanashi, was healthy AND tastey. It’s a must have for everyone!

Yamanashi is a prefecture that is famous for their variety of delicious fruits… so we had to get a taste of their fresh sweets!

Mt. Fuji can be seen the clearest in the early morning, and it was quite the reward to wake up an extra hour or two early and be greeted by such a beautiful sight.

The cottage that we stayed at stood in a small forest with tons of green nearby. But the real treat was a clear view of Mt. Fuji from our cottage.

A lavender festival was in full swing when we were at Lake Kawaguchiko. Not only was it a lovely sight, but the lavenders smelled sweet and calming.

This is a World Heritage sight famous for their natural hot springs and clear waters. The buildings hold a feel of an older Japan and it’s almost as if we were transported to the past.